Reviews and Testimonials

Some feedback from people who have played our lutes:

We built a thirteen course baroque lute for professional composer and musician Robert Foster. This is what he had to say:

"The Baroque lute is fantastic; everything I could wish for. It is visually one of the most stunning lutes I have ever seen and its sound is pure magic. I absolutely love it - thank you both so much."

Customer playing baroque lute.
Robert Foster playing his thirteen course baroque lute.

The following very kind review was written for us by Charlie Stokes after he had picked up a six course lute he'd ordered from us:

"Having owned four 6 course lutes in the past varying in quality from average to very good and having since sold them. I decided I needed a new one.

I also wanted to try another maker, after much scanning the internet, viewing the work of many makers, I was taken by the images and text on the site of the Dodd Lutherie. I placed my order. During the construction period I was further impressed by Adrian's responses to my questions. He took the time to share much about his approach to many aspects of his craft. I had no previous knowledge of their work and was purchasing without having heard one of their lutes. When I arrived to collect and saw the lute, it was love at first sight!!. Beyond doubt a beautiful object. I put this initial reaction out of mind as I began to play it. What struck me most as I played a few notes and improvised some short phrases, was how incredibly responsive this instrument is. Lute players are all aware that the tone can never be forced on a lute and yet many lutes require some physicality in technique to produce a decent volume. This lute delivers in terms of volume with even the lightest of touches, more so than any previous lutes I've owned, I can feel it resonate as I'm playing, its very light construction seems to engage the whole instrument in amplifying the sound and its tone is remarkably sweet. It has a fine even balance throughout registers and tonally across the strings. Fitted with Kurschner gut strings and Aquila loaded CD basses on C & G fundamentals, my lute has a most expressive tone and inspires as I play. Each to their own I know, but I've heard and played enough lutes to know the Dodd Lutherie is very high quality. While I was there I also had the opportunity to play two other 6 course lutes similar to mine, we all know each lute differs but their was clear consistency in quality of build and sound true to them all."

Customer playing baroque lute.
Charlie Stokes' six course lute after Gerle.
Baroque motif