New Instruments For Sale

The instruments listed in this section have been built on spec and are available now, for lutes to order please visit the catalogue.

Provided an instrument for sale was built by us it will always come with our 24 month guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more details.

1. Six course lute in G after Gerle (2018):

60cm string length. A sweet sounding instrument with a high grade Alpine spruce soundboard, a bowl of ash and a neck and pegbox in sycamore. A feature sometimes seen in the old paintings is a figured fingerboard and we have replicated that here with a striking and rare piece of rippled hornbeam. This wood is not easy to find and certainly not in this form. It's so hard and durable that it was traditionally used for making tools and the cogs in mills. The hand carved heart pegs are also made from hornbeam. The ash bowl has that characteristic in-curved tail seen on the original Gerle, the Hieber and other similar lutes in iconography, where unlike other lutes the end of bowl isn't vertical but curves back in towards the soundboard. This gives it a very elegant and sweeping appearance especially when viewed from the side. The instrument is finished with coloured oil varnish including the fingerboard in that classic renaissance style. It is strung in Nylgut with red Aquila CD loaded basses.

Price includes a fitted Kingham MTM hard case with green velvet lining.


Used Instruments For Sale

None available at this time.