New Instruments For Sale

The instruments listed in this section have been built on spec and are available now, for lutes to order please visit the catalogue.

Provided an instrument for sale was built by us (i.e. it is not a second-hand refurbished lute) it will always come with our 24 month guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more details.

1. Solo French theorbo (2020):

This theorbo has 76cm and 129cm string lengths and has the first course nominally strung at D with a pitch standard of A=415Hz. It is not strung in D minor tuning but the standard re-entrant renaissance theorbo intervals. This instrument is based on the dimensions given in the Talbot manuscript for a théorbe des pièces by Sellier (Sellas?). More details of the original reconstruction project can be found on the catalogue page here. It is stylistically based on extant examples and iconography. It has a full ten tied frets to the neck making it well suited to the solo theorbo repertoire. The soundboard is an unusually fine grade Alpine spruce with a very rich and responsive sound. The neck is veneered in ebony and the bass extension in blackened pear. The bridge and pegs are blackened plum. It is strung in Nylgut and its disposition is for single stringing with six courses on the fingerboard and eight diapasons.

A grey fitted Kingham MTM hardcase with blue velvet lining is included in the price.


Used Instruments For Sale

None available at this time.