Hello and welcome to the website of luthier Adrian Dodd! Adrian specialises in the construction of lute family instruments. The lutes offered are built using traditional methods and are inspired by the work of the old makers.

The lutes offered are suitable for experienced players and beginners alike. All orders are most welcome. Prices start from 1750 and 1765 for six and seven-course lutes respectively. All of the instruments are built with equal care and attention to detail no matter the price. Our lutes are built with the belief that very few compromises should be made and that at the very minimum they should function well, sound well and have a pleasing appearance. These three aims are achieved by paying particular attention to action and set-up during building, building within historical parameters and using natural glues throughout, and incorporating a plausibly historical decorative scheme. For more information about pricing and what is on offer please consult the details section on the price list page.

Use the link buttons and drop down boxes at the top of each page in order to navigate the site. The website is currently under development with new content being added on a frequent basis, so please visit again soon!


  1. 07 August 2015: For Sale page updated with new eight course lute.
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Drawing of lute.