Welcome to the website of lute-makers Adrian Dodd and his son Lawrence Dodd! The instruments offered are built using traditional methods and are inspired by the work of the old makers.

All inquiries and orders are most welcome. Every one of our instruments is made with equal care and attention to detail with particular attention paid to action and set-up, soundboard tuning, building within historical parameters and proportions, using natural glues throughout, and incorporating a plausibly historical decorative scheme. For more information about pricing and what is on offer please consult the details section on the price list page.

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We also have a page on Facebook where we frequently post pictures of various aspects of our instrument making.

"...This lute delivers in terms of volume with even the lightest of touches, more so than any previous lutes I've owned, I can feel it resonate as I'm playing, its very light construction seems to engage the whole instrument in amplifying the sound and its tone is remarkably sweet. It has a fine even balance throughout registers and tonally across the strings..."

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  1. 03 February 2023: Our price list been updated for 2023-24. Please see the Price List page for details.
  2. 6 January 2023: Our Terms & Conditions have been updated. Please see the Terms & Conditions page for details.
Drawing of lute.